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The website and its owner MEED TOUR SEYAHAT TURİZM ORG. TRADE. LTD. ŞTİ uses Cookies to personalize the user’s experience during their visits to our website. Cookies are small pieces of data sent to your computer by the web server through your network browser. There are four types of Cookies. These are Session Cookies, Performance Cookies, Functional Cookies, and Advertising and Third Party Cookies. The website uses all of these cookies. The use of these technologies is carried out in compliance with the legislation to which we are subject, in particular the Law on the Protection of Personal Data No. 6698 (KVK Law).

A cookie is a small text file that a website or app sends to a user's device. This text file collects information about user actions on your site in order to improve their ability to reconnect with the website later. Cookies are useful in authenticating logins, imposing security measures on a website, personalising advertising, improving performance and allowing websites to improve their services.  Not all cookies are kept, some are deleted after closing the browser, and the rest of the cookies are stored on the computer's hard drive.  HalalHolidayCheck uses cookies to help identify users and to personalise your web browsing experience. 

The purpose of this Cookie Clarification text is to provide you with information regarding the processing of personal data obtained during the use of cookies by users/visitors ("Data Owner") of the Site during the operation of the"Website"). In this text, we will explain what kind of cookies we use on our website and how you can control them.

MEED TOUR SEYAHAT TURİZM ORG. TRADE. LTD. ŞTİ, reserves the right to change the cookie usage policy. We may opt out of using specific cookies, change their types or functions, or add new cookies to our site. Any changes made will be laid out on this current Clarification Text and shall become effective on the site upon its publication. You will always have access to the last update below.

Why are cookies necessary?

In General; The names and purposes of the cookies used on our website, HalalHolidayCheck and our parent company MEED TOUR SEYAHAT TURİZM ORG. TRADE. LTD. ŞTİ are as follows:

1.    Session Cookies:
Session Cookies are necessary for your experience on the website, they aid in supporting the functions of the website Session cookies are used to transfer information between various pages of the site and to prevent users from entering information more than once. Session cookies are temporarily stored in the user's/visitor's browser and when they exit the website, they are deleted.  

2.    Performance Cookies
Performance cookies allow the website to collect information about the frequency of visits to the pages, how to route traffic betweens servers, relate error messages (if needed), the time users/visitors spend on the page, and how they navigate the site. This information may be used to improve the performance of the website.

3.    Functional Cookies
Functional cookies determine user-made selections (e.g. selected city, booking date, etc.) and ensure the proper functioning of the Website. It also provides users with advanced site features, such as cookies for login or registration, language preferences etc. These cookies allow the site to be visited and its features to be used to the best of its ability. 

4.    Advertising and Third Party Cookies uses Analytics cookies from third-party suppliers for specific functions such as performing ad tracking and understanding social media engagement and relationships with promotional pages. 
In accordance with Articles 5 and 8 of the Law on Protection of Personal Data and in the case of exceptions in the relevant legislation, your personal data may be processed with your consent.  As a business, we may share your personal data with our suppliers and the public authorities authorized by law in accordance with the legislation, limited to the realization of the above-mentioned purposes. In case of a legal issue, as outlined in our Privacy policy, your cookie data may be shared without your consent. The outside parties to which the data is transferred to may store your personal data on their servers around the world.

How Can You Control the Use of Cookies?

Users have the ability to customize their cookies' preference by changing their browser settings.  In general, Internet browsers are predefined to automatically accept cookies. However, most browsers offer the option to change the cookies preferences through browser settings and each browser has varying degrees of personalisation. Cookies preferences will need to be made individually for each device on which the visitor has access to the Platform. Thus, you as an internet user have the option of preventing the use of cookies, selecting the option of receiving notification alerts, or simply disabling or deleting certain cookies. Please inform yourself of your cookie preferences in your browser's settings for more information. On mobile devices, you can manage cookies through your mobile settings.

What Are Your Rights as a Data Owner?

According to Article 11 of the Law on Protection of Personal Data, everyone has the right to the protection of personal data concerning them and data owners are entitled to:
1.    To learn whether your personal data has been processed,
2.    To request evidence of the process of personal data.
3.    To inquire on the purpose of processing personal data and how it was used,
4.    To know which third parties (domestically or abroad) had access to the personal data.
5.   To request the correction of your personal data if it is incomplete or incorrectly processed to the third parties. 
6.   To demand the removal, deletion or elimination of personal data and to also have this extended to the third parties involved.  Despite, it has been processed in accordance with the provisions of the KVK Law and other relevant laws. 
7.   To object to your personal data being used as an analysis  through automated systems,
8.   To file for damages due to unlawful processing of personal data and to demand compensation for the damages.

The Data Holder (HalalHolidayCheck) declares that it shall be responsible for supporting and aiding requests for personal data. 
In order to exercise your above-mentioned rights, your application request, which contains the minimum information contained in the Communiqué on Application Procedures and Principles to the Data Controller, must be filled in the Application Form published on our website, and sent to Sugözü Mh. Zamanaoglu Cd. Petek İş Merkezi A Blok No: 9 Alanya / ANTALYA with additional information and documents on the subject. It can be delivered by hand, send via a public notary, or sent online to [email protected] with an enclosed secure electronic signature/mobile signature via your e-mail address registered in the company system. The Company reserves the right to charge a fee based on the tariff determined by the Protection of Personal Data Board.

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