the year 2024 may be the right time for Muslims who want to travel according to their beliefs and priorities. If what you are looking for is an unforgettable cultural experience, quality time you can spend as a family, rejuvenation or affordable prices, this year promises something for everyone. As a pioneer in this field, we are always one step ahead and offer you the most up-to-date trends with it, you can book for the most requested trips.

the 8 holiday trends suitable for Muslims that stand out in 2024 are as follows:

1.Movie set-oriented holidays
During movie set-oriented holidays, people go to places they have seen in movies and TV programs, and this trend is gaining popularity every day. The term appeared in the late 2000s, but has recently gained popularity, especially with public relations and tourism companies taking advantage of the popularity of the services offered in this area.

The addresses seen on the cinema stages offer a cultural and religious attraction as well as Hollywood charm for Muslim travel lovers. Classic cinema fans can visit Wadi Rum in Jordan, where Lawrence of Arabia was filmed in 1962, or the ancient city of Petra (located in Jordan), where the scenes of Indiana Jones escaping were filmed, for adventures related to more recent cinema.

Wadi Rum, Valley of the Moon, Jordan
Another alternative is to visit the set of the Star Wars Hotel, an ancient troglodyte structure in the Berber village of Matamata in the Tunisian desert, or go to the legendary set of Gladiator, filmed in Aït Benhaddou, a historic fortified Moroccan village.

Resurrection: Historical series sets such as Ertuğrul and Payitaht Abdulhamid will arouse the interest of those who love Turkish series that resonate. You can also take a look at our special blog article about Ertugrul's Legacy and visit the beautiful city of Bursa, the eternal residence of Ertugrul Gazi.

Ertuğrul Gazi Mausoleum in Söğüt
2. Wellness holidays
As travel lovers search for more health and rejuvenation-oriented holidays every day, wellness holidays have also become more popular. Alcohol-free getaways, where holistic Deconstruction is emphasized, have become a trend even among western travelers.

Therefore, it is not surprising that more and more people are trying to use their precious annual leave to relax, unwind and enjoy the peaceful natural landscape. The desire to take a vacation that nourishes the mind, body and soul does not seem to decrease in early 2024 either.

Travel lovers have been looking for health and rejuvenation-oriented holidays recently.
Turkey offers many valuable options with its long-standing hammam tradition and thermal waters. In addition to a magnificent beach, you can go to women-only spas at hotels such as Royal Teos Thermal Resort Wellness & Spa, which hosts a ladies-only beach, a family beach and outdoor swimming pools, as well as extensive thermal spa centers for women and men.

Royal Teos Thermal Resort Wellness & Spa
3.Important day holidays (Go-ccases)
the term "go-ccasion" is a word derived from the combination of the words "goal", which means purpose, and "occasion", which means "event". Dec. It refers to an important day that you are celebrating, an important event that is worth crowning with a trip or vacation.

Important day holidays can be taken for important events in your life, such as marriage anniversary, having a child, getting a new job, retirement and even the anniversary of your pilgrimage. For example, many people relive the moment of Hajj by going to Umrah. This not only reminds them of their once-in-a-lifetime visit, but also contributes to their personal development and the strengthening of their religious beliefs. To get ideas and information about how to organize your Umrah visit, you can read our Umrah Guide with the ‘Do It Yourself’ Concept: The Best Gift You Can Give to Yourself titled blog post.

Celebrate new beginnings if you want, or the decisions you made in your middle years, or the beginning of important relationships. You can find tour, event and accommodation options suitable for every occasion.

4.Extended family holidays
Spending quality time with the family is one of the primary preferences of many people when planning a vacation, but have you ever thought about going on vacation with an extended family? in 2024, trips with extended family members, such as grandparents, siblings and nephews, will gain popularity.

Muslim families have long been known for their extended families, where many generations live Decently together. Everyone who goes on vacation together continues this tradition. Most of the time, during extended family holidays, we all go to the hometown of the family elders. However, now people want to accumulate new holiday memories with extended family members by going to other places instead of the hometown.

Renting a private villa or house has also become a rising trend among Muslim families.Dec. You can accumulate lasting memories with this accommodation choice, which offers spaciousness, privacy and an atmosphere that reminds you of your home. You can book a villa in Antalya, Morocco, Spain or Kalkan and make your holiday even more special by going on holiday with your extended family.

Renting a villa or a house has become a rising trend among Muslim families. Dec.
You can take advantage of Halalholidaycheck's unique Precise and Total Family Pricing to get the best offer for your family group and check out the specific room types at the hotel of your choice to find out which have adjacent or connected rooms. you can also take a look at our page where all our unique features are explained.

5.Book early to pay less
As a result of the increase in living expenses and travel costs along with inflation, many holidaymakers have started to prefer to book on dates closer to their travel dates. However the most attractive opportunities in the hotel are always taken advantage of by those who book early. After making a decision, you can take advantage of special Early Booking discounts by booking as soon as possible and following the price increase emails.

Even if your holiday plans have not been clarified, you can book early, take advantage of free cancellation prices, and protect yourself against future cost increases that may arise from inflation, fuel hikes, and currency fluctuations. If your plans change, you can also cancel your reservation and rebook for another place.

You can book early and pay later and take advantage of free cancellation prices.
Early booking allows individuals who will travel to guarantee affordable prices and manage their budget effectively. Free cancellation allows you to change your plans when necessary. This provides financial freedom to a person during periods when the economy is turbulent. Pay pay later You can also take advantage of the book now, book later option to plan an affordable holiday with little or no prepayment for your holiday. p.a.p.a.p.a.p.a.p.a.p.a.p.a.p.a.p.a.p.a. pay later option.

6.Affordable options
One of the ways to save money is to choose budget-friendly holiday addresses that offer similar experiences to it instead of the more expensive option. These lesser-known places can provide the same splendor and excitement for less price.

How about going to Tanzania, Zanzibar, Mauritius, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand instead of the Maldives? Also, Dubai is not the only place where you can take beautiful photos to put on Instagram. So do you want to give Morocco a chance?

A beautiful beach covered with white sands in Zanzibar
in 2024, travelers will prefer affordable but culturally rich holiday addresses that offer immersive experiences where they can leave without spending all their money in the bank.

In addition to holiday addresses such as Turkey and Andalusia, which stand out with their historical cities, you can also explore local culture and historical sites in countries such as Bosnia and Herzegovina, where you can explore their natural beauties, without sacrificing quality experiences.

The Historic Mostar Bridge in Bosnia and Herzegovina
7.Sun, sea and (halal) sangria
We all remember the days when our peers went on a beach vacation in all-inclusive resorts to sunbathe for a week and have a nice feast for themselves. For Muslims, especially Muslim women who need special spaces for women, going on such a holiday was just a dream. Although it is a unique pleasure to visit the surroundings, sometimes all we want is to lie on a sunbed while the children play by themselves in the pool, sip from a non-alcoholic cocktail and read a book.

Sun, sea & (halal) sangria
Fortunately, Muslim families are able to do this today, as comprehensive halal-enabled holiday facilities have become widespread. It is expected that this trend will continue as there will be more hotels catering to Muslims in 2024. Since there are halal foods, mosques, spas, beaches and women-only pools in these facilities, it is possible for women to swim and sunbathe comfortably. With entertainment in accordance with Islam, Muslim families can now choose inclusive holiday holidays like everyone else!

A women-only area with a pool in Turkey
To get more ideas, you can read our special blog article: "Being free on vacation! A striking memory of a Muslim family: the first experience of accommodation in a halal-enabled hotel.


Umrah is a virtuous experience. Since the Saudi government has eased visa restrictions around the world, it is much easier to plan your own Do-It-Yourself Umrah visit and go to other cities besides the holy cities. Jeddah is seen as the historical gateway to Mecca and Medina, located on the beautiful Red Sea coast with its beaches and clear waters. You can stay in Jeddah for a few days to enjoy the coast and explore the historic old town area, which has been acclaimed in the past for its beautiful houses and gates, which pilgrims reached after traveling for months. 

Aerial view of the city of Jeddah (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) 
Another option is to stop by somewhere on the way to Umrah. Istanbul and Dubai can be great options that offer a unique culture and leisure.

The perfect Istanbul skyline at sunset
You can explore these fascinating world cities on your way to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or on your way back.