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This site is available to users if they accept the following conditions. By using the website the user accepts the following terms and conditions:
All the rights of website belong to MEED TOUR SEYAHAT TURIZM ORG. TRADE.LTD.ŞTİ.
All software products and texts, articles, photographs, pictures, documents, and similar intellectual products found in the content of are protected in accordance with the international copyright legislation. The products of MEED TOUR SEYAHAT TURİZM ORG. TRADE. LTD cannot be used without the written permission of the company. Copying, reproduction, unannounced and unauthorised use, and distribution of these products for any purpose is prohibited by law.
Regarding Personal and Non-Commercial Use Limits:
It is a legal obligation that solely the company owns the trademark and copyright of the business.

User Obligations:
Members of guarantee the accuracy of all the information they provide. The user is responsible for all transactions made with their own username and password. The user is also responsible for all possible consequences that may arise from transactions. It is the user’s responsibility to avoid sharing their password and username with anyone else. Since is regularly updated, the services and tour information including prices, payment terms and campaigns on the site are subject to change. 

Each service provider and product have their own conditions which apply respectively when reservations are made. When a user reserves or purchases any services, they are deemed to have accepted the conditions through the act of booking the product. MEED TOUR SEYAHAT TURİZM ORG. TRADE. LTD. cannot be held responsible for any problems that arise.
Regarding Links from Third Party Sites:
A user may come across direct or indirect links on Halalholidaycheck. These links may appear as external information or advertisements from both your own computer and our system. MEED TOUR SEYAHAT TURİZM ORG. TRADE. Ltd cannot be held responsible for the content of Third-Party Sites due to the nature of the internet, the other sites linked must be held accountable for their own content.
Information collected by Our Site
Information collected on our website is gathered through forms filled out by users, online, chat and the suggestion-complaint pages. These Forms and pages are owned by MEED TOUR SEYAHAT TURİZM ORG, the primary owner of
Users have no right to use profanity, threats, incitement, offensive words, and illegal content, or to endanger the legal and personal rights of others.
Internet users have no right to sell a product or service, advertise for commercial purposes or engage in similar commercial behaviour using our webpages. It is illegal under copyright laws to use our website or reproduce our intellectual property.
Your personal information that you enter whilst using via’s services is protected both online and offline. The information provided is protected by the SSL security system. Third-Parties have no authorisation or access to you customer information (unless explicitly given by you) In order to ensure this security, information is protected with an unbreakable encryption system during all processes. The information you use while making transactions on and all information about your transactions are encrypted and protected. Generally, all your information is under your control, and you are the only person who can authenticate the transfer of your details. Transaction information is only forwarded to your respective bank.
Our Rights and Responsibilities: endeavors to check the accuracy of all the content on our site. In case of any errors feel free to contact us. and its owner MEED TOUR SEYAHAT TURİZM ORG. TRADE. LTD. STI. cannot be held responsible for information and price errors in the content of the site from third parties. We can make changes as we see fit, however, due to our representative nature, we cannot be held responsible for other businesses’ mistakes.  Due to the nature of reservation, sales and information errors that may arise, and its owner MEED TOUR SEYAHAT TURİZM ORG. TRADE. LTD. ŞTİ. explicitly remove accountability. and its owner MEED TOUR SEYAHAT TURİZM ORG. TRADE. LTD. ŞTİ. cannot be held responsible for any direct or indirect material damages that may arise from the use of the site.
These conditions come into effect from the moment the user starts using the site.

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